What started out as a small company building fishing boats for local guides in 1968 has grown to become one of the largest fiberglass fishing boat companies in the world – a fact that we are both honored and in awe of.

It hasn’t been easy, but through dedication, passion, and an undeterred pursuit of delivering the best quality boat for the best value, we have continued to provide families, professional anglers, guides, and many others with the boats of their dreams.

Here at Pro-Line we made a decision a long time ago; to listen to our customers and from their feedback deliver the best designed fishing boat for their hard earned money. And given our customer satisfaction ratings, and the high re-sale values of the pre-owned Pro-Line’s in the marketplace, we feel we continue to meet that ongoing mission.

For those of you that are previous customers and are coming back to purchase another Pro-Line we thank you. And for those of you that are thinking about buying your first Pro-Line we invite you to peruse our web site and see what our current owners have to say about their boats. And we’re hopeful that one day soon we can welcome you into the ever-growing family of satisfied Pro-Line owners!

A few milestones . . .