Why You Should Purchase Your New Boat with Pro-Line

There are literally thousands of types of boats and hundreds of companies selling them on the market. With so many options it can be really easy to get overwhelmed when deciding which company to purchase your second biggest investment with. Look no further than Pro-Line Boats; where you know you will be purchasing the absolute highest quality built by craftsmen.

As a new Pro-Line owner, there is a host of benefits to becoming a part of our family. You not only have invested in a new boat, but you have invested in a company that stands behind their product. We stand behind our products to ensure you and your family will enjoy every minute of ownership to its maximum potential.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing your boat from Pro-Line is our warranty policy. We have a 10-year transferable hull warranty on every single boat we sell for true peace of mind. We must mention that Pro-Line boats will only honor warranty on boats that are purchased through an authorized Pro-Line dealer, as stated in our warranty outline.

Another benefit of purchasing a boat with Pro-Line is that we do not produce boats with wood construction. Over 20 years ago we started replacing the wood in our boats with composite materials. It was a rolling change, one model at a time with all models wood-free by 1997. Currently, all of our boats are wood-free in production for product longevity. Have a look at our timeline here.

Pro-Line Boat’s design team is one of the best in the industry. Our low maintenance design and construction will keep you on the water longer with less worry. These beautiful high-quality boats also have a higher resale value due to the Pro-Line carrying high brand equity.

Above all, we want you to know that we appreciate your business and we thank you for placing your confidence in our product and in every one of our employees. For more information about our boat models feel free to contact our award winning customer satisfaction department. It is our job to make sure you make an informed decision on the boat you purchase and remain satisfied with your purchase for years to come.