Express Boat Pass!

Pro-Line Boat Manufacturing has been building boats since 1968. As we enter our 50th year of manufacturing, we hope you celebrate that with us while shopping for your next watercraft. Half a century of working towards the best boating has to offer has led us here. We look forward to continually utilizing new technologies in boat manufacturing as we charge into the second half of our 100 year history. Join us on this journey and make the change to Pro-Line Boat Manufacturing.

The 20 Express has a length of 20 feet, with a beam that is 8ft 5in and a 200 horsepower powerplant propelling it. Whether you are fishing, cruising, diving or catching a nap on board, the 20 Express is a very capable boat that packs in the fun. The 20 Express was made to be a versatile watercraft that is easily loaded and unloaded so that you can explore any water way that you choose to. It’s true that big things can come in small packages and this boat proves it. While some larger boats may seem appealing, we think there’s a lot to be said for a craft of this size. You can take your family or friends out on it, as it will hold up to 7 adults. All this to say, we’re sure that you will get the most bang for your buck out of the 20 Express.

If you are looking for something a little bit larger, give the 23 Express a gander. It’s 23 feet long as the name gives away, and has a bit more space than the aforementioned 20 Express. As well as being 3 feet longer, the 23 Express has a 300 horsepower engine to move quickly through the water, while still remaining agile. As with all of our boats, you can customize the seating colors, navigation and so on. We like to give people options based on their needs because one size does not often fit all. Being this craft is 23 feet long, you can still enjoy the flexibility it offers in the realm versatility.

Finally, we offer a 26 Express, and yes – you guessed it – she’s 26 feet 4 inches in length with an 8 foot 6 beam. This craft is rated for a maximum of a 450 horsepower, that comfortably pushes the 26 Express down life’s waterways. It holds 187 gallons of fuel and has a 10 gallon freshwater tank and a 20 gallon baitwell. Eight adults can cruise comfortably on this craft, while making happy memories on the water. There are way too many options available on the Pro Line Boat Manufacturing Express line, so be sure to click through the tabs on your desired model to learn more about it.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests that you might have about the Express series or any other boat that we manufacture. Thanks for hanging with us for a few minutes, we’ll see you on the water.