The Grand Sport Line Up

After nearly 50 years of excellence, Pro Line Boat Manufacturing has come to offer some of the best boats you’ll see or experience on the water. We invite you to visit a dealer and explore all that our boats have to offer as we charge into the next half century. Join the family today as we lean into the headwinds of the future, here at Pro Line Boat Manufacturing.

The 29 Grand Sport is a remarkable watercraft that commands attention all on it’s own. Measuring 29.4 feet long with a beam of width of 9.8 feet, it’s built to comfortable carve a strong path through the waterways. With an arsenal of 600 horsepower at your command, you’ll be able to maneuver this vessel with style. The 29 Grand Sport holds 230 gallons of fuel, a 50 gallon baitwell, 10 gallon fresh water well and (2) 130 gallon fish boxes. Up to eight adults can take advantage of all the 29 Grand Sport has to offer, and your passengers will be in comfort. With a wide variety of customizable features, the 29 Grand Sport can be tailored to your needs. We invite you to build your own 29 Grand Sport today so that you may be able to explore all that we have to offer.

Next up is the 26 Super Sport, where performance meets fishability. Measuring 26.4 feet long with a beam of 8.6 feet, the Super Sport will go almost anywhere. With 450 horsepower at your command, this vessel will stroll. Featuring a 138 gallon fuel cell, a 10 gallon freshwater tank, a 20 gallon baitwell, and an optional 25 gallon lp baitwell – you’re sure to have plenty of options. Speaking of options, we’ve got too many to list. As with our other watercrafts we invite you to build your own by visiting this link. It’s always fun to build your boat and see how it might look in different colors on the interior as well as the exterior. Your Pro Line Boat is an extension of you, so we feel that creating options is one of the best ways to make your craft truly unique. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know. We’re crazy about what we do and we want that passion to reach everyone on the water.

Moving on down the line, next up we have the 24 Bay Sport. From skinny water strolling to coastal trolling this boat does it all. If you’re an angler than enjoys fishing in shallow water, this is the craft for you. It measures in at 23 feet 11 inches and has a beam of 8 foot 6 inches. The Bay Sport can handle a 300 horsepower engine, which makes this boat both agile and fast. You’ll be the first one to the honey hole with plenty of room to bring along fellow anglers with available room for 8. For the angler that likes a baitwell, we’ve got a 16 gallon one aboard the Bay Sport, just for you. The fuel cell holds 78 gallons, so it won’t break the bank when you head out for a day of fun or fishing. Build yours today.

If you ever have any questions, reach out!