Pro-Line Boats: Quality Manufacturing You Can Trust!

At Pro-Line, we know what you expect from a day on the water; an adventure filled with joy! That’s why we build every boat with your enjoyment and safety in mind. Each Pro-Line boat is manufactured with a combination of new advances in marine technology and all we’ve learned in our extensive 40 year history.

Craftsmanship & Dedication Delivers

In the past, due to using wood as a key component rot was a large issue over time. That is no longer an challenge with Pro-Line Boats as construction of Pro-Line’s low-maintenance boats begin with F.I.S.T. (Fiberglass Integrated Structural Technology). All wood is replaced with fiberglass and high-density, closed-cell foam coring and F.I.S.T adds strength to the hull as well.

Hi-tech 3610 knitted fiberglass is hand-laid for maximum strength and durability. A 3 ounce skin coat ensures a glass-like exterior surface. Hardware is 316L marine-grade stainless steel, installed with reinforced backing, and fastened with aircraft locking nuts. All upholstery is top-grade 32 ounce UV-stable, colorfast, low-maintenance vinyl.

After more than 32 quality control safety checks, every Pro-Line Boat is put through “The Hurricane.” We check for leaks and make sure everything is operational so your first day on the water is everything you expect it to be!

Pro-Line Boats are built to exceed NMMA, U.S. Coast Guard and European CE standards. That’s why we can proudly offer a 10-year transferrable hull warranty standard on every boat! So when it comes to resale, safety, dependability, and quality, Pro-Line Boats delivers! For more information about the construction and manufacturing of Pro-Line Boats feel free to view our website or contact us!