Pro-Line Manufacturing Delivers

The award-winning design team at Pro-Line Boats works around the clock on manufacturing Pro-Line existing boats and future models. Professionally trained in maritime studies and engineering, only state of the art equipment is used in the design of each and every Pro-Line Boat. Advancements in technology coupled with the expertise of our design team ensure the first boat off the line runs properly right out of the box!

Lamination Fixation

We laminate our hulls with a process and materials exceeding the requirements of ”Lloyds Registry of Shipping”  We apply laminates by hand for a flawless finish and squeeze excess resin to minimize weight and yield the proper resin to fiberglass ratio. Multi-axial fabrics improve laminate strength and overall sturdiness.

Resonating Resin

Only high-quality marine resin satisfies our demands for strength and cosmetics. We demand the best because we manufacture the best.

Coat of Class

High-quality ISO NPG gel coat finish provides durability and a long-lasting shine. Pro-Line Boats applies 25 mils for strength while still maintaining flexibility and performance.

F.I.S.T. Packs a Punch

Pro-Line’s proprietary Fiberglass Integrated Structural Technology (F.I.S.T.) provides the rock solid foundation for all of our boats. Pro-Line completely eliminates wood rot with fiberglass stringers that we laminate to the hull for a superior one-piece hull system. We also use high-tech coring material which means less weight and no water absorption. Only the interior cabinetry is manufactured using wood.

A Cut Above

Fiberglass and coring materials are pre-cut and kitted for each boat to ensure quality and consistency. Attention to detail complements our precision manufacturing processes.  

What started out as a small company building fishing boats for local guides in 1968 has grown to become one of the largest fiberglass fishing boat companies in the world- a fact that we are both honored and in awe of. Visit our website to take a look at the beautiful boats we manufacture and for more information feel free to contact us!